Flyfilms Preciso 8ft Telescopic DSLR Camera Jib Arm

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Flyfilms Preciso 8ft Telescopic DSLR camera jib arm


Flyfilms proudly unveils its compact Preciso 8ft Telescopic Camera Jib that Stabilizes your camera for smooth and consistent video shots throughout large swooping motions.

Enables you to capture the most picturesque shots at astonishing angles and raise the production value of any programme and constantly gives fantastic professional results.

Provide shots from an ant’s point of view all the way up to a Giraffe’s! With a combination of swings, booms, tilts, rolls and dolly moves.

Acquire a whole new facet to your video productions in an efficient manner like never before.

Carefully designed and developed, Flyfilms Preciso is a compact and lightweight telescopic camera jib. A perfect companion for your filming projects and adventures. This crane offers an 8' reach when matched with a 5' tripod and can sweep the ground for low angle applications. Mounting the crane on an available tripod with a fluid head adds tilt capability. This telescopic Jib Camera Crane with its 3 main features that is Compactness, Mobility and Weight; is the only professional travel jib of its type in the world.

It is so ultralight and compact video camera jib (camera crane) that lets you get cinematic, sweeping camera moves anywhere in the world.Provide a wide selection of shots as a record of your event that may benefit from the inclusion of high quality of interesting and vibrant videos. Elevated Photography offers an unusual way to videography , Filmmaking your event that will create aesthetically pleasing and interesting pictures for your own personal use or for your various filming projects.

EXCLUSIVE of Tripod Stand


The sturdy aluminum mounting bowl has a 360 degree adjustment for pans and can fit to both 100mm heads.


Preciso-8 jib camera crane comes in a foam lined, custom fit, protective storage case with easy tote handles.


: Construction : Aluminum with black anodized
: Payload Capacity : 15 lb (6.8kg)
: Height Range : 39-78"(990.6 - 1981.2mm) (Max height depends on tripod)
: Tilt Lock : Yes
: Pan Lock : Yes
: Pan Range : 360 degree
: Tripod Attachment : 100mm
: Head Arm Leveling : Adjustable
: Leveling Indicators : 1 (at head level)
: Fold Down : 39"(990.6mm)
: Weight of jib : 20 lbs (9kg)
iTEMS Included - Preciso 8ft Telescopic Camera Jib arm (No tripod stand included, all other accessories are not included)