Pro-X GP-2LSJ V-Mount Charger

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BrandPro-X Battery ChemistryLithium-ion ModelGP-2LSJ Compatible ForV-Mount Battery Rechargeable BatteryYes

PRO-X economical series of broadcast chargers offer you an unbeatable price to performance ratio.

Key Features:

  • Two-position simultaneous charger
  • Incorporated 12V, 50W camera power supply
  • Charges NiCD, NiMH, and Lithium Ion batteries simultaneously
  • Includes 6' XLR cable and AC power cord

Pro-X Battery Brand Reputation & Reliability

Pro-X is a very large OEM battery supplier well known and respected inside the Pro industry. In fact you will find Pro-X at the core of many mainstream 3rd party battery brands.


Pro-X GP-2LSJ V-Mount Type Charger 

Compact enough to fit into a camera bag yet versatile addressing all PRO-X batteries simultianeously. 
Trickle charge maintenance program ensures the batteries are always at maximun capacity.

Simultaneous Charging

Regardless of model, all brickchargers within PRO-X series have the ability to charge all batteries at the same time. Compared to some sequencing chargers, PRO-X Brick Stylechargers can be up to four times faster.

Camera Power Supply

PRO-X Brick Style chargers are outfitted with a 50(GP), 70 (XC 2- Channel/100 (XC 4- Channel) watt camera power supply suitable for powering most professional broadcast cameras or other field equip-ments from an AC main.

MultiChemistry Charging

PRO-X Brick Style chargers employ technology to address NiCD, NiMH, and Lithium Ion. This enables the chargers not only to charge PRO-X XP and Intellicom batteries, but also batteries of other manufacturers. All charging models were designed so they could be easily integrated into your current battery system.

Quick Charge Current

PRO-X Brick Style chargers offer quick charge current to reduce charging time.
GP-2L: 1 battery-3A /2 batteries-2A
XC-2L: 1 batteriey-3A / 2batteries-2A
XC-4L: 1 batteries-3A / 4 batteries-2A